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Katrina T. Sidney, FNP-C 


My name is Katrina T Sidney, FNP-C. I have been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2017. Healthcare is my passion and I have been in it since 2003. I started out as a CNA, followed by an Associate degree, then a BSN, and lastly by MSN.



To provide healthcare to noninsured, underinsured, and insured people to help them to live as healthy as they can.



To offer healthcare to everyone in the community, no matter their ability to pay or not, at any stage of their life.


Office Hours

Monday – Friday

8a -5p

Office: 888-556-7661/919-390-1677

Fax: 919-238-7974

I will be available outside of normal business hours.


*Prior to our appointment, please complete the paperwork. I will send it to your email and or cell phone. If you need me to, I can send it via mail. Please sign off on the consent form for your medical history. This will help me get an accurate picture of you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take personal health insurance?

Currently, I do not file your visits with your health insurance companies. I will be considered out of network. You can submit your receipts for reimbursements. Please check with your health insurance company and accountant for further information.

I will eventually take health insurance. I am in the process of getting credentialed. I may be ready by January 2023.


Do you see people in person?

Yes, I will see people at their request and opening in my schedule.

Virtual Booking - $50 deposit

In-person Booking - $100 deposit

Travel - $50+

If you need me to see you at home, community, or workplace, please email me at the days and times that work best for you. I am available after hours and on weekends depending on the need.


What types of payment sources, do you take?

I will take all major credit cards, HSA, FSA, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Cash App. ACH is available within the system. If you do not feel comfortable paying it online, I can take the payment over the phone. Call 888-556-7661/919-390-1677 and leave a message for me to call you back. Please do not provide payment information and private health histories on the voicemail or online. It is not secure. The fax number (919-238-7974) is secure. Once I set up your account you can provide health information.

How often do you follow up with your patients?

It depends on the patient. People I may only see them once a year, others twice a year, some every 3-4 months, monthly and as needed.

Will you fill out medical paperwork?

Yes. I will for a fee depending on the complexity of the documents. It can range from free to an undetermined amount. You can email me and or fax 919-238-7974 the documents.


Do you see people for Worker’s Compensation or Disability evaluations?

No. I do not. I can see people for a regular visit, but not for evaluations of Worker's Compensation or Disability.


Will you see people on an Urgent basis?

If the person needs urgent/life-threatening care, please call 911 for further instructions.

If it is not, I could meet you online, via phone, or in person. I will see people for a same-day in-person or virtual visit if needed.


Will you see people after hospitalization?

Yes. I will see people after hospitalization. I prefer to see people in person, but a virtual visit will suffice. Please sign the consent form for medical records from previous providers and hospitals.


Are you able to write orders for therapies, such as Physical, Occupation, Speech therapies, etc.?

Yes, I can. I can write for orders like any other Primary Care provider.


Do you prescribe narcotics for pain?

No. I can refer you to a Pain clinic.

Do you prescribe any controlled substances?

I do but, on a case, by case basis.  I will need to see you in person.


Do you see people out of NC?

I am licensed in NC, so I can only see residents of NC.


What are your scheduled hours to work?

I am available 8a-5p. I do work outside of those times. I am more likely to follow up at night. I am willing to see people after hours and on weekends if my schedule will allow it. If you need different hours/days of the week, email me at Please let me know if you need an in-person visit. I can meet people at their place of employment or in the community.

Can you see more than 1 person at a time?

I can see multiple people in a home or virtually. I need to block out time for the additional people, so they need to request an appointment. Please email me at for details and further questions.


Are you affiliated with different pharmacies?

I can send any medication that I prescribe to the pharmacy of your choice. Please provide your pharmacy name, address, phone, and fax number. I will conduct a search on previous medications you have been prescribed.


Do you order blood work?

When you establish care with me, I will order a full panel of labs.

Do you order x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, CTs?

I can if it is necessary.


Do you see children?

I will see children as young as 12. They will need to go to the health department for their immunizations or wherever their parent feels appropriate.





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